Nov 21

APG Awarded 2021 Corporate Philanthropy Award by Triangle Business Journal

APG Advisors TBJ philanthropy award winner

APG is incredibly proud to announce that we are a recipient of the 2021 Corporate Philanthropy Award by the Triangle Business journal.  Awarded under the name Anthony Property Group, we previously won the award in 2019 and 2017 as well.

At Anthony Property Group philanthropy and purpose-driven community involvement are the highest of our priorities.

  • We support children at risk; those experiencing food insecurity and those in need of essential clothing, school supplies, tutoring and/or mentoring.
  • We support women in crisis and in immediate need of safe shelter, and those in need of counseling, job training and job placement assistance.
  • We support families and individuals facing the multiple challenges of homelessness or disaster, and in need of essential services, medical care and furnishings.
  • We support our U.S. active military personnel and veterans.
  • We support expanding housing that people can afford.

APG continuously strives to help people become leaders and productive members of society.  We give our community partners a platform to present their story: their needs, their mission and their goals, and we celebrate their progress toward those goals.

We take the commission of corporate citizenship seriously, and work and serve to add value to our communities in a variety of ways.

Jim Anthony serves as our CEO for APG Advisors and APG Capital, where he is responsible for the company vision and strategy to build people and properties. He has been one of the city’s leading advocates for over 25 years and has designed the business to lead with the same values.

Since 1986, APG has donated ten percent of its annual profits to designated 501c3 charities, via the Fidelity Fund and the National Christian Foundation.

In 2017 the APG We Care Team was formed by a group of employees interested in giving back and doing community service.  The team helps Jim Anthony evaluate the many requests he gets from non-profits each month.   Dozens of organizations have met with the We Care Team to present their initiatives and needs.  The team has a budget of thousands to work with each month, and in the last 12 months over 50 local organizations received cash donations of between $500 and $25,000.

APG not only provides funding, we provide in-kind donations that come in many forms such as the complimentary use of company vehicles, the purchase of food for community events, or the periodic use of APG event rooms and office space, furniture and equipment.

APG Capital owns multiple commercial buildings, and we have been able to help launch dozens of qualified non-profit organizations with reduced rent. Currently there are ten non-profit groups occupying over 50,000 square feet of company-owned space, at rates 25% to 100% below market rates.

You can read more about the award, as well as the other winners, on the Triangle Business Journal.