Dec 22

APG Broker Spotlight: Greyson Tavolacci

The brokers at APG are the heart and soul of our team.  To shine a light on the professionals that make up our staff, we are doing a regular series we call our Broker Spotlight.

Today’s spotlight is on  Greyson Tavolacci, Commercial Land Advisory and Investment Sales Team.  Read on to find out more about how Greyson can help you.

What type of client do you work with?

What type of client do you work with?

The ideal client for me is anyone motivated to create wealth for themselves and their family through investments in commercial assets. Not only are there many opportunities that can create this result in this industry, but there are few other places in the nation that are seeing growth like NC is currently, and I believe people should capitalize on this!

Where do you see the market going right now in your specialty?

Land is scarce, and as the old saying goes, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. In a market as competitive as North Carolina, I believe that focusing on the path of growth is crucial for investors and developers. Not enough people are aware of how much opportunity and potential there is in these areas, and that is the problem that I intend to provide a solution for.  I have made it my goal to become an expert in the emerging markets of NC, with hopes of providing the highest level of knowledge and assistance to my clients.

What region do you work in?

While I do focus on established markets in the greater triangle of NC, I have shifted my focus to emerging markets and submarkets of North Carolina. Specifically, regions in the path of growth, as land use plans are already in place. This makes it a little easier to locate specific investment and development opportunities that will see a great amount of traction as this growth ensues.

What about commercial real estate interested you in the first place?

I have always been enamored by generational wealth building, and how it can be achieved. After getting into the Real Estate industry, I began to think of ways that people could create strong passive income, and leave a lasting legacy. This led me to the commercial sector, and its many vehicles to achieve this. Understanding how cashflow, appreciation, and depreciation tie together to create value is something that I work towards mastering every day. My goal is to implement these skills into transactions that can add priceless value to the clients that I work with.