Apr 23

APG Broker Spotlight: Sherry Wilborn

Regional expertise and deeply connected networks are a cornerstone of APG’s Advisory Team.   In this Broker Spotlight, you’ll meet one of our rural land experts.

Today’s spotlight is on Sherry Wilborn, Commercial Land Advisory and Industrial Team.  Read on to find out more about how Sherry can help you.

 How did you get into commercial real estate?  

My background is in local government economic development. I loved the development side of that role, as wells as helping connect people with resources to succeed. When I decided I was ready for a new challenge, commercial real estate seemed like a natural fit.

What is your specialty and what tips would you give buyers/sellers in this specialty?

With a history of living and serving in a rural community, my desire is to bring professional commercial real estate services to overlooked areas north of the Triangle and draw attention to all the assets that exist in the area. There’s no need to compromise on working with someone you know and who knows the area, who also has the resources to get your listing in front of the right audience.

What is your favorite type of deal?

Industrial buildings and land.

What region do you work in?

Person, Granville, northern Durham, Orange, Caswell

Why did you choose APG?

I chose APG for a few reasons. I met Jim Anthony about a year and a half ago when he came to Person County, and I toured him, John Zemet and others on his team around town for about half a day as the Economic Development Director. From that point, I received invitations to his annual Christmas parties and met more of his team and others in the Triangle development world. I saw the result of some of Jim’s investment in Downtown Franklinton and appreciated that he saw what I did in Person County and other parts of the Greater Triangle Region.

The fact that APG is run by an experienced developer and has an in-house development arm makes it unique as a CRE firm. I consider this an advantage to me as a broker, as well as to my clients.