Aug 22

APG celebrates a successful summer intern program.

Thank you, Gabe Cunningham, Jonah Nisenbaum, BJ Mobley, Blake Mobley, LaQuon Gilchrist and Lamar Gilchrist for bringing you’re A-Game to APG.

From day one Gabe immersed himself in existing research projects and was vital to the planning and development of new departmental initiatives.  He has undertaken a vast array of research projects, written content pieces, conducted company-wide training sessions, helped write and edit marketing videos, conducted telephone surveys, and rumor has it he was even quick to help out one of our own in need by fixing a broken set of windshield wipers on a ’92 Chevy Tahoe.  Always at the ready to help, Gabe is smart and resourceful, and maintains a grounded and insightful enthusiasm for every project.  Simply put, Gabe is a great co-worker.

 — MJ Parker, Director of Marketing and Research

Jonah is a natural leader with great interpersonal communication skills and high ethical standards.  Due to being a top college athlete, he has a very high energy level and likes competition.  He is also very mature for his age with a high intellect, and is a quick learner.  Jonah is confident, but not cocky, and comfortable in his skin.  He knows who he is as a person and he has a caring disposition, which makes him transparent and empathetic.  Many of the qualities that make up who he is can’t be taught.  He is a special person who has a very bright future.

David Divine, SIOR, Director of Commercial Investment Sales

We at APG Capital and APG Advisors had the extreme pleasure of having BJ Mobley, Blake Mobley, LaQuon Gilchrist and Lamar Gilchrist join us this summer to form what we sentimentally came to call “Team Mobley”.  The team helped us cultivate our DEI investor platform.  From the start this group of bright young men brought an uplifting energy and ambition that we couldn’t have expected.  Not only did each team member and the team overall deliver a much more elegant web site for our DEI platform, they also completed a variety of other projects that help our advisory team deliver more impactful services to our clients.  These young men stand out as examples to their peers, and APG is genuinely grateful for the significant contributions Team Mobley made to our long-term initiatives.

John Zemet, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer