Jan 22

Corral Riding Academy of Wake County

Corral Riding Academy serves Wake County, NC.

Rooted in equity, their program restores access and opportunities to underserved girls referred by

community partners who hold the capacity for change but face highly risky situations including neighborhood/socioeconomic status, intergenerational trauma, gang involvement, abuse, trauma, neglect, or foster care.  Once a girl participates in and successfully completes the Join the Herd program, a 22-session psychoeducational course, she is invited to apply for the Riding Academy that is a holistic, individualized, long-term program.

For Upcoming Opportunities visit https://corralriding.org/events/

To volunteer https://corralriding.org/volunteer/

To Donate online https://corralriding.org/give/

3620 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27518

(919) 355-2090