Sep 22

Haven House

Haven House Services is the place where youth who need help find it. Founded in 1973, Haven House operates 11 programs that help more than 1,200 youth in need each year overcome their challenges and find a path to success. Whether they are experiencing homelessness, a crisis at home or school, gang involvement, or problems involving the juvenile justice system, Haven House Services help youth identify their goals, connect with needed resources, and build skills needed for long-term success.

The Haven House serves Wake County, NC.

Among the organization’s successes, 92% of youth increase their independent living success/skills, 95% of youth were prevented from or decreased their involvement in the court system, 85% of youth improved their school performance, and 92% of youth had an increase in the safety, stability and supportiveness of their home/living environment.

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1008 Bullard Court, Raleigh, NC 27615

(919 833-3312