Sep 23

Lotus Campaign Lunch and Learn

APG Companies welcomed the Lotus Campaign to a Lunch and Learn to tell us about their organization, a non-profit dedicated to housing-driven solutions for homelessness. The Lotus Campaign launched in July 2018 in Charlotte, NC.

Using the three-step approach of incent, invest and advise, the Lotus Campaign (1) connects landlords with people who are at risk for homelessness, (2) acquires and invests in existing properties for mixed-income participants, and (3) educates the government and the private sector about the myths and realities of homelessness.

Lotus serves as the bridge between non-profits (who identify people at risk of homelessness) and landlords (who have available units). By mitigating the risks of renting to those in need, the Landlord Participation Program enables a speedy move—sometimes in as few as seven days.

Lotus recently launched an additional operation in the Triangle, and have already provided their first participants with stable, long-term housing.

What an eye-opening and insightful lunch.

Lotus Campaign is hiring in the Triangle!  To learn more about the Lotus Campaign, employment opportunities or to make a donation, please visit their website.