For North Carolina commercial real estate needs that are “outside the box”, we offer a variety of consulting services. Our experts can guide you in commercial real estate decisions and strategy, no matter the situation.

Any services not included on our other pages can still be tackled with our expertise – including asset management, construction management, and 1031 exchanges, in North Carolina and nationwide. With our decades of experience working with a variety of clients, we understand your sentiments and how they can affect market demand. Accordingly, we help you create the best plan of action for your various real estate needs and wants. Our consulting approach is tailor-made to you. Once we understand your challenges, we do research, analyze our findings, and then design an action plan that is sure to help you achieve your goals. How can we help you?

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Richard Polley, CSM, RPA

President, Management Services

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MJ Parker

Director | Marketing & Client Services

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